After The Shifties Liveathon

Speak Up - Shifties Liveathon

Written by Alex Hughes, Shift Momentum. When I first looked at putting on a 24-hour live stream a year ago, I had never intended for it to be either a charity event or one to support mental health. I had always wanted to ensure the event’s impact was high, but it was going to be […]

The Greatest Opportunity of Them All Is Here

Alex Hughes, Shift Momentum

Written by Alex Hughes, Shift Momentum. I called it back in March 2020 when I said there is going to be an unprecedented amount of people wanting to start their own businesses off the back of this madness that we are experiencing, and I was right! So far we have not seen a surge of new businesses […]

Social Media is a waste of time!

Written by Alex Hughes, Shifties Strange thing to say, especially given I have just co-hosted a massive social media conference, but social media really is a waste of time for so many if it is not being approached correctly. So I have seen all sides of this, from businesses that have blown up via social […]

All about the money?

Shifties Money Blog Header Image

Money is a hugely important part of our lives (rightly or wrongly). But have you ever stopped to think about your own attitude towards money? Do you love it? Hate it? Obsess about it? As business owners we can’t avoid it — we have to at least consider how to make it… almost every day. […]

Can teamwork make the dream work?

Shifties Teamwork blog header

How to build a team that is effective, empowered and motivated is one of the greatest responsibilities of a leader. But what are the other characteristics of a great team and what steps should you take to build one? The bottom line is that building a great team doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not always […]

Starting a new business in a pandemic


Starting a new business can be challenging enough at the best of times. But what about doing so in the middle of a global pandemic? Or in the economic downturn that will inevitably follow? You’re probably thinking it’s a complete non-starter, right? And that any plans you had should be put on hold until such […]