The Tally Ho Project C.I.C

6 Tansy Close
Eaton Ford
St. Neots
PE19 7GW
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David Duker
The Tally Ho Project is passionate about people. Its our mission to inspire and empower the next generation to rise to the challenges that they will face in life in a positive way and we do this by telling incredible stories of human achievement from a unique era. Its all about story telling, which we absolutely love to do! We offer talks to students in a variety of settings that can vary from an hour long interactive session to a full days workshop. What will you get from our talks? Well, we bring real energy and passion to the work we do but its main focus is to raise students awareness of resilience and togetherness at a time when they need it the most. To transfer those hard earned life skills from one generation to the next, with the aim that that they can make a real difference going forward. We use the example set by the generation who rose to the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, World War Two, as a means to start a conversation about our core values: duty, unity, courage and resilience. The emphasis is not only on paying our respects to these incredible folk, whilst learning about a huge turning point in our history but to start the discussion about how those values apply today. We have so much respect for the past but also complete faith in the future and strongly believe that one can positively influence the other. These skills are needed now more than ever before, so why don’t we learn from the best?
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