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Sarah Maylin
Just about anyone can make a bunch of flowers look pretty. But it can be hard to find a truly professionally trained florist who makes high-quality arrangements that will look perfect for the entire day. Sarah Maylin adds another dimension. She’s known for her creative talent, for her original and exquisite floral designs. She’s also warm and friendly, meticulous, and crazy about flowers! Sarah will get to know you, and find out about everything you need to make your event stand out from the crowd. She’ll keep you updated on her design ideas, so you’ll get the peace of mind early on about how beautiful your day is going to be. She will create a bespoke design centred around your own ideas, sometimes incorporating personal touches, such as a family heirloom or blooms from your own garden. From wedding bouquets and sympathy flowers to impressive structures and decorations, Sarah will create stunning designs to suit your taste, needs and budget. Given the recent times Sarah has adapted and is offering regular flower subscriptions and gift bouquets.
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Monday: 9-5
Tuesday: 9-5
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Sunday: pre-bookings only