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Are you looking for a network group that can help you grow your business?

Then Shifties is the networking group for you!

We make it our aim to make sure that everyone is included – there is no exclusivity at ShiftiesAnyone who attends an event, whether in person or online, will be made to feel comfortable and valuable.

We are part of the community; where the heart of local business lives. We have links to other businesses in the area, to ensure that you can make the connections that are right for your business. And unlike other networking groups, we don’t believe in forced referrals – only use the other members services because you want to and because they add value to your business.

But don't just our word for it...

What is Shifties? And how can it help you and your business...


The Shifties community was formed so thatĀ like-minded peopleĀ can Connect, Learn and Grow their businesses together. We want to change the way networking is done and move away from the traditional methods of exclusivity and lead generation.

Shifties is an inclusive community and is focused on connecting people, relationship-building and support for one another without pushing our services and products on each other.

You’ll come to understand your business better, learn new skills and work more efficiently through events, challenges and collaborative growth.

Want to find out more about Shifties? Get in touch today!


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Want to find out more about Shifties? Get in touch today!