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Shifties exists to enable business owners to Connect, Learn, and Grow with their businesses together.

A win-lose, scarcity mindset is a thing of the past, and Shifties want to show the UK that when small businesses grow together, they have a much better chance of success and make a greater impact as a community. There are 5.6 million micro-businesses in the UK, and our goal is to connect them and inspire a nation of Entrepreneurs to follow our lead.


If you’re seeking the opportunity to share your professional journey with a strong community of people ready to connect, learn and grow together, then our private Facebook group the best place for you.   


It’s totally up to you how involved you choose to be.


We regularly run free quests and challenges for members of the Shifties community. Alongside this, we regularly put together educational content via our blogs and podcasts, and share breaking news to help you and your business. Drop your email below to stay up to date…


The Shifties vision is brought to reality with access to the content of expert guests, self-growth challenges, free online networking, mastermind problem resolution sessions and plentiful opportunities for collaboration within the community. We believe it’s practically impossible to navigate life as a business owner alone – and we’d love it if you’d join us to all #cogrow together.

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