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We are developing a platform that supports business owners with the growth of their businesses.

We want to live in a world where Entrepreneurial projects drive good people to build incredible businesses together.

The platform is here to gift opportunities via our network. If growth is the priority we can get you juiced up with our trusted network to give you an unfair advantage in your market.


If you’re seeking the opportunity to share your professional journey with a strong community of business owners in the UK, then our private Facebook group the best place for you to start.

Challenges & Quests

Join us on a quest to increase revenue or a challenge to grow your mindset. We take growth very seriously on the Shifties Platform, leveraging everything we have in our network to make good use of  the information and guidance there for our members.

Growth should be fun, pursue it with a squad that want you to win in a game that is designed for you to grow.


We regularly run free quests and challenges for members of the Shifties community. Alongside this, we pull together educational content via our blogs, podcast and share breaking news to help you and your business.


The founders and members are all business owners, our platform is simply driven by their needs.

Building businesses in 2022 is an agile game, collaboratively growing businesses through community is what it is all about for our members. We see Shifties as an attitude towards entrepreneurship, one that sees tangible growth for all that engage with us.

Try your first engagement with us today, the podcast is a perfect place to start! The Micro Business series especially!

Shifties Podcast


Expand your Network with Shifties events. Tired of crusty networking events? We are. That’s why Shifties are proud to present networking with a kick. Join us for a drink and a bite to eat with a ever growing community of like-minded business owners. With monthly Events such as our Business Brunch and End of Month gathering, plus so much more. Make the connections that matter.

Check out the agenda for this month here.

What people say about Shifties


Shifties is a platform for growing business owners that seek resources, guidance, funding and grants.

The platform is here to provide effective resources with guidance and support from a squad that want you to win. If growth is the priority we can get you juiced up with our trusted network to give you an unfair advantage in your market.