About Shifties

It’s actually not easy to describe Shifties in one neat sentence. We exist so that small business owners and entrepreneurs can come together – either online or physically – to connect, learn and grow in a supportive and well-informed environment.

And by growth we mean both as a person AND as a business.

We’re absolutely not like a traditional networking group – all about sales and a little bit exclusive. We’ve discovered that small businesses waste a huge amount of time (and money!) on finding the right answers to their growth problems. The scope of our advice and support ranges from mindset and wellbeing to finance and marketing, and we are determined to remain totally inclusive.


We approach business from a holistic point of view. Our fundamental belief is that the sum is a whole lot more powerful than the parts. Members of our community #cogrow by sharing successes, challenges and experiences with each other, and by learning from our events and collaborations.

And guess what? When you get the right mix of confidence, knowledge and contacts – sales will follow. Your business will grow. And you might just have made some excellent, supportive friends in the process.

The best way to discover who Shifties are is to join in and have a good look at what we do. You can choose exactly how much you want to participate or contribute, there’s no pressure whatsoever. However, that old saying stands true for our community as much as any part of life – the more you put in, the more you’re likely to gain.

Introducing Shifties Contributors

We want to move Shifties up a level. The Shifties community is and always will be totally free of charge to join. And there will never be any pressure to pay for the amazing events and content that members enjoy.

But we know that some of you will want to contribute more – to the community, to the next generation of entrepreneurs, and to the quality of the content we create and share.

We aim to totally transform the way people who own businesses can come together to grow. You might feel strongly that sharing what you’ve learned and built will give real meaning to your own journey.

Shifties offers a platform to learn and grow together through:

  • appearances from and interviews with people who have had unbelievable success with their businesses
  • challenges and quests hosted by experts within the community,
  • events
  • toolkits and much more.

If you’re interested in becoming a Contributor you’ll also have exclusive access to:

  • a directory listing on our new website
  • downloadable resources, business tools, e-books
  • free challenges and quests
  • free events
  • live guest speakers and Q&A sessions

First 100 Contributors will get a free ticket to Cambridge Social Media Day 2020



Check out the Get Shift Done Podcast with Alex Hughes, Entrepreneur and Founder of Shift Momentum. It’s never been so easy to connect, learn and grow as Entrepreneurs, now, as we enter an era starting with a global economic reset, it has never been so important. But where there is uncertainty, there is also the opportunity, which makes 2020 & beyond a very interesting journey for small businesses & start-ups. In the first series, we hope to bring some clarity, thought and inspiration to small business owners as we move through it together. 

Get Shift Done Shifties
Get Shift Done Shifties