Our epic Expand your Network Challenge is back for its third year! It will also be the first with a Digital Badge collection to be won for participating.

It is a 10-day challenge that takes you from ‘same old crusty networker to a fresh super social connector ready for 2022.

With support from our Shifties Connector team, we can hook you up with people on your wavelength and give you a heads up on some ways we know work when building an epic network that wants you to win.

There are 4 badges that can be earned through participating in this challenge: 

Engage Badges

Support – Reach out to someone who is not as far along in their business journey and have a non-agenda meeting

Strive – Seek out someone who has achieved something you hope to in your life and have a non-agenda meeting

Expand – Find someone in your sector that may serve a similar market to you and have a non-agenda meeting

Participate Badge:

NAM Collector – Participate and complete the Shifties 10 day Expand Your Network Challenge

It kicks off on Monday and you just need to click on this to get involved with our final challenge of 2021.

Alex Hughes will kick it off Monday morning with some guidance on approach and is equally keen to get his 3 NAM’s on the leaderboard for the Connector badge collection