Weekly update on everything you need to know when it comes to leveraging your unfair advantage as a Shifties Member

For all events and access to the Shifties Growth Platfom – https://linktr.ee/Shifties

Sandbox CoRetail is here, hosted in Sook, The Grafton, Cambridge.

Https://sandboxventures.co.uk is ready for 20th November, you send us your products and we sell them for you in a busy high street store in Cambridge!

If you have products, check this out, Shifties members get 20% discount too.

Juice.ventures are on board and we are actively creating content for the community

You may have tuned into this Friday, Flavia and I talked about all things private D2C funding. Go check it out and if private funding is a priority for you in the coming months/years then let us know via the Growth Platform.

Swoop Funding on board

Agreements in place and we will be introducing this fantastic service to the Shifties community in the coming weeks.

Shifties Inclusive vs Leverage membership

The membership is about ready now!

06:05 in the video for detail, however the key features of both here for you:

Inclusive (FREE):

  • Access to the Facebook Community
  • Access to the free 5 day challenges
  • Access to events
  • Ask a growth question for support via the platform
  • Your Connect, learn & grow weekly email
  • Discounts

Leverage (£30 + VAT per month):

  • All of the inclusive benefits above +
  • Mega discounts
  • Priority on tailored support when using the Growth Question facility
  • Access to Growth Quests
  • Directory Listing
  • Once a month Growth Clinics available for you
  • Monthly newsletter of growth opportunities to leverage
  • Access to the Game of Growth, including some epic Digital Badges.

Due to launch immentently. If you are wanting in early just let me know directly. 🚀

Hope you are all well and as always utilise http://linktr.ee/shifties for you all your business growth requirements.

With an expanding team of partners, we are building momentum to a promising future for everyone that engages with Shifties and we hope that you will find it an invaluable tool that empowers and enables you to grow both personally and in business!

Have a great week ahead!