Weekly update on everything you need to know when it comes to leveraging your unfair advantage as a Shifties Member

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Summary of the update:

  1. Deal done with https://www.sook.space/ we are taking on the Cambridge unit in the Grafton Centre from 6th November and very excited to open this platform up to our members as an opportunity to have high street presence for your brand. We will also be launching in Oxford with them and again there will be an opportunity for you to leverage this opportunity when we launch.

    Our onboarding is not quite ready yet but if you are interested in using this space, drop the Shifties team an email on hello@shifties.co.uk.

  2. Partnering up with https://swoopfunding.com/

    Access funding across equity, grants and loans. Unlock cash through better deals by cutting the charges you’re being stung by previously. These guys are really looking to work with us on some more startup related products but I would encourage you to engage as early as you think you may want funding as the service is great as it is!

  3. Partnering up with Juice funding https://www.velocity.co.com/

    They are a huge hedge fund that is happy to work directly with our community platform, Flavia will be hosting a Funding Lab once a month from November for direct-to-consumer brands. In these Zoom sessions, we will discuss where the opportunity for funding may support your growth and what you can do to prepare for a successful application with Juice funding.

  4. The Game of Growth

    We want to get ourselves hooked on growth, working with Badge Nation to produce Digital Badges that mean something when you engage with our platform. The first batch of badges will be released in November and in line with the events happening on the platform.

    Remember the scouts or have you played Pokemon before, collecting these badges along the way are going to make the game of growth a unique experience for you whilst you connect, learn and grow with our platform.

  5. Huntingdonshire update

    Digital Grants are coming back, somewhere between £1000 – £6000 and look likely to follow the format they took last time around. Stay tuned to the emails, I will update everyone the moment I know more and be sure to pounce on it as there will only be 100 applications accepted on this.

    We only have a few events left in 2021, get along to these as there is so much opportunity for growth at them. Take a look and book today!



Thank you for the support and I hope to see you on the platform in the coming weeks.

Alex Hughes