It is that time of the year where we define what we want to achieve the following year, 2022 is going to be a defining year for so many of our community and myself included.

Our strategy is really simple actually and directly aligned to 2022.

2 million pounds in revenue generated through the Shifties Growth Platform for our members

  • Through grants that are realised for our members (both our own and others we direct people at).

  • Realised new revenue from our challenges and quests.

  • Confirmed new income from our members, thanking the platform for activating it.

0 waste of energy towards growth opportunities

  • Taking a zero-waste policy on our time and energy on the platform development

  • Only working with partners that can contribute to the growth of our members

  • Operating with urgency for and on behalf of our members’ growth

2 million pounds in revenue for those leveraging Shifties backed projects

  • Opportunities like Sandbox CoRetail Stores and Street Food Fest where revenue can be tracked for those signed up to leverage it.

  • Launch, Reach and Re-Align programmes are coming to 2022 and we will be asking members who sign up to report their increase in revenue to us for tracking the success of business performance after the training.

2 million pounds in additional revenue for my own portfolio of businesses

  • To lead by example and document the process of generating new revenue for businesses that I am a shareholder in.

  • Taking lessons and opportunities that come from this activity with other Leverage members to show the power of being part of the Leverage membership

I am extremely excited about this and it gives us something tangible to get behind for the year. There will be a huge halo effect of benefits for everyone that uses the Shifties Growth Platform as a result of this pursuit and it will all be driven by those that leverage it effectively with me and the team.

I will be discussing all of this at the next Shifties Town Hall and if this excites you, be sure to come along to discuss how you can leverage this for your own business. for a link to this among the many other opportunities on the platform. This is your go-to link for all things Shifties.

More details on the two membership options below.

Shifties Inclusive vs Leverage membership

The membership is ready now!

Inclusive (FREE):

  • Access to the Facebook Community

  • Access to the free 5 day challenges

  • Access to events

  • Ask a growth question for support via the platform

  • Your Connect, learn & grow weekly email

  • Discounts

Leverage (£36 per month):

All of the inclusive benefits above plus,

  • Mega discounts

  • Priority on tailored support when using the Growth Question facility

  • Access to Growth Quests

  • Directory Listing

  • Once a month Growth Clinics available for you

  • The monthly newsletter of growth opportunities to leverage

  • Access to the Game of Growth, including some epic Digital Badges coming soon.

Sign up to either here –

With an expanding team of partners, we are building momentum to a promising future for everyone that engages with Shifties and we hope that you will find it an invaluable tool that empowers and enables you to grow both personally and in business!  

Have a great week ahead!

Alex Hughes