Christine Griffey

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Christine Griffey

+44 7748705049

St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Personal Bio

Over the last 13 years I have been involved in the building and running of multiple businesses within the service Industry. This has provided me with a multitude of skills and knowledge, from managing teams of staff to redeveloping entire systems and processes. Operational efficiency is definitely one of my strongest attributes when it comes to business, largely because I am somewhat of a control freak but also because I like to understand how things work end to end. A common phrase used by my partner is When there’s a crisis call Christine!.

People often think that being a business owner is glamourous when really it’s about getting stuck in to do whatever it takes to get shift done! Having struggled with anxiety and impostors syndrome during my journey as a business owner I am a big advocate for mental health and strong leadership within micro-businesses. Being a business owner certainly isn’t an easy task and continuous focus on our own self-development is key – although not always easy to make a priority during the day to day madness of running a business.