Don't start a business, launch one.


12 - 23 APRIL 2021

We have put together a series of sessions that will help you to build a launch plan for your product or service. Whether it’s something new, or you’re relaunching an existing product. 

Kicking off live on Zoom at 10am on Monday 12th April, we’ll be looking at the tools you’ll use throughout the challenge, get your energy focused and ready, before diving deep into building out your launch plan.

This free challenge is going to be truly awesome, we are going to borrow Shift Momentum tools and strategies for the two weeks we are together, supported by other Shifties Contributors that can add value to the conversation both in Shifties Connect App and the Zoom Q&A’s.

Places are limited so make sure to book your space soon to avoid missing out. 


  • You must be available to join the initial kick-off at 10am on Monday 12th April
  • Be committed to turning up and held accountable to completing your goals

Week One

We get you focusing on your vision, planning your objectives, lasering in on your target audience & nailing your product offering. 

Week Two

In the second half of the challenge we begin researching external factors, build out the go-to-market plan with an emphasis on sales and onboarding. 

What else is happening?

During the 10 days, there is also a session on Organic Marketing Strategy with Lenka Koppova and an eCommerce Workshop with Dan Jones, plus more guests to be confirmed. Oh and not to mention the Sales and Lead Gen Mastermind taking place on the 15th (max capacity of 12 people). 

What to expect after you sign up

Upon registration, you’ll receive access to the tools you’ll use during the challenge, plus access to our private group within Shifties Connect; a collaborative space away from the noise of Facebook.

What are you waiting for?

Having direct and indirect involvement in well over 100 launches, we have gained the experience, and have the in-house expertise along with the framework to help launch businesses on repeat. 

It is important to remember when starting a business, especially in those first few years, that there really is little you can do wrong and it is simply a chance to try new stuff. The trick is to fail or succeed with your ideas as quickly as possible.

We have scaled back some of the elements of the Shift Momentum Launch Programme and developed the free 10 day Launch Challenge just for Shifties members. During the challenge you’ll have access to the private group we have built within Shifties Tribe, which is a cohort learning space, plus a selection of tools that will help you to plan a successful launch. 

The challenge will run for two weeks (working days). We will run two kick-off sessions on both Mondays during the event which will be used to help align your goals for the week ahead and to get you motivated to complete the tasks needed to achieve them.  We will also run drop-in sessions on both Wednesdays of the event where you will able to bring any challenges you may be facing for the group to help