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The needs of the community have changed a lot!!

Early in the pandemic it was all about reactive support and collectively getting through it all together. More recently the role we have played with championing mental fitness and growth opportunities for the members.
Prior to the pandemic it was all very much centred around network and building connections which has stood strong for us as a community.

Now as I sit here, we look at the platform very proud of where we are are and we see the following 4 things as what we are best placed to deliver:

1. Initiatives - Like #SpeakUp2022 and the work we have done primarily in Huntingdonshire, building relationships with key organisations to get support.

2. Projects - Like Sandbox CoRetail and Street Food Fest, creating revenue opportunities and moments for our members to leverage.

3. Events - The end of month gatherings, the retreat and championing other events that members are involved in.

4. Stories - Sharing stories from the community of your successes and message, utilising blogs and podcasts for this. These 4 areas will be our focus from here on out.

The community transcends the technology we use

The mailing list and Facebook Group will remain, but content will be much more ad-hoc! It will be up to you as members to drive the content on these platforms and we encourage you to use them to your advantage. If you have questions then let us know or post in the FB community. If you are a Leverage member, submit a blog, send us your podcast material and we will distribute that to members across our channels. If you use #ShiftiesUk and #CoGrow we will see you out there.

The split is real - The human vs the business

There are two types of needs here, I am a local business owner and I want to hear about all things local. Then there is, I am an Entrepreneur and I want to become a better educated and connected one as I grow.

I have thrown my hat in the ring as a chair of St Neots Initiative, my focus will be bringing all the local focused stuff into this as an entity.
For the Entrepreneur, I am working with curious Entrepreneurs directly with my Shift Momentum hat on! With the help of a new hire coming on board, Tim Britt who will soon be announced as the GM of Shift, we look forward to being active members of the Shifties Growth Platform rather than Shifties being the brand we produce content, run challenges and workshops.

We are still here for you!

If you email us, we are here for you! If you get in touch via our LinkTree, we are here for you!
If you are a Leverage member, use this platform to support others in the community and we will always champion our members and represent this community everywhere possible.

I thank you all for the support and the partners associated with this platform, I am looking forward to seeing where the platform goes in the future and I am excited to build it together! 

Any questions at all, please do get in touch with us.

Best wishes

Alex Hughes

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